You have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and discovered that you are an INFJ. Now you are wondering what those four letters mean. How do they impact your life? Where do you begin learning about who you are?

INFJ Anonymous is website devoted to helping other INFJs on their journey through personal discovery. Whether you have known for some time what it means to be an INFJ or are just beginning your journey, INFJ Anonymous is a place of refuge in a world that leaves you feeling so alone.

Everyone has difficult days and having a place to run to in order to help you get through those tough times makes them easier to manage. It is for that reason that INFJ Anonymous was created.

Here, there is no need to put on a mask. No need to pretend. No societal games, expectations, or judgments. Just a place to come when you are feeling alone or misunderstood.

Each person is on a journey and everyone’s paths look a little different. Here, it is our hope that you can find information to help you no matter where you are on your path.

Welcome to INFJ Anonymous. Welcome to the 2%.